Bikers fight with trucks for space on city streets

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fatal bicycle accidents on city streetsDriving along a city street is very different than highway driving. The streets can be much narrower with more traffic than that on a highway. And when your tiny car pulls up to a red light next to a large 18 wheeler, you may feel a little more apprehension than you do passing the same truck on a highway. Now take that experience and pretend that you’re not in your car, but on a bike.

Fatal bicycle accidents have been on the rise since 2009. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 743 bicyclist deaths in 2013, a 2.3 percent increase from 2009. Many of these are coming from big cities such as New York and Boston. And although trucks make up a small percentage of vehicles on city streets, a huge percentage of trucks were involved in fatal accidents with bikers. For example, in New York, were 3.6 percent of the vehicles on the road are trucks, 32 percent of all fatal accidents involving bikers between 1996 and 2003 are caused by trucks.

According to safety experts, the problem will only get worse as time progresses. Thanks to more people shopping from their computer screens than in stores, more trucks will be infiltrating our neighborhood streets. At the same time, city agencies are encouraging healthier lifestyles such as walking and biking instead of taking a car. This could only cause more fatal bicycle accidents on the road.

Safety advocates are calling for more reforms for truck drivers such as better training, size restrictions on trucks on city roadways, and tougher penalties for drivers who are involved in a fatal accident. Currently, the only safety measure that is starting to gain momentum is a truck retrofit, the same type that is used throughout the world.

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The steps you should take after a truck accident

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what to do after a truck accident munley lawIt’s a scary thing, getting into an accident. Just getting into an accident with another car can be a stressful and frightening experience. But can you imagine what would happen after an accident with a truck? Besides the possibility of serious injury and destruction of your vehicle, you may be worrying about what will happen next.

The first thing you should do is remain calm. Getting upset will just make the whole situation worse. Make sure you and your passengers are ok. If you’re still in your vehicle, you should remain there unless it’s too dangerous (such as a fire has started). Your next step should be call 911 right away, even if it’s a minor accident. Without a police report to back up your statement, your insurance could reject any claims you might file after the accident.

Once the police arrive, make sure you get all the contact information of all the parties involved, including any witnesses. It may be beneficial to get the names and badge numbers of the police officers investigating the accident. If you can, try to get photographs of the scene of the accident and any injuries that you or your passengers may have sustained. These may come in handy down the road.

The most important things to remember is never admit fault, even if you feel that you were. And remember, do not discuss the accident with anyone except the police or your own insurance. You may receive a call later on from the truck driver’s company, demanding a statement from you. Don’t listen to them — you are only required to give a statement to the police and your insurance company.

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Could the “see-through” truck prevent truck accidents?

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truck accident lawyers munley lawWith more and more deadly truck accidents featured in news headlines across the nation, the trucking industry is still trying to change the rules for truckers. Recently, the industry has tried to push Congress into allowing bigger and heavier trucks on the road. According to truckers, bigger trucks mean better safety — more heavy loads could mean less trucks on the road. Although no one is buying this claim, something definitely needs to be done about keeping our roads safe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,964 people died in accidents involving large trucks in 2013, a 17 percent increase from 2009. It’s obvious that truck accidents are becoming an epidemic. But steps are being taken to prevent truck accidents.

Recently, Samsung revealed the “see-through” truck — a truck with a video camera in the front that projects what is happening in front of the truck to back where four video monitors are located. The purpose is for drivers to be able to see what is happening in front of the truck, something that drivers can’t see otherwise. This gives the driver a chance to see when it’s all clear in front of the truck to pass it, hopefully avoiding a terrible accident. Although this technology will not be hitting the US highways any time soon, the truck has been tested in Argentina and Samsung claims the truck was a success.

But is this more of a distraction than a safety measure? According to some technology experts, they believe that driving behind a truck with a video playing can distract drivers more than keep them safe on the roads. In addition, drivers may be more reliant on the video screen in front of them instead of their surroundings — it may be clear in front of the truck, but the same can be said for its sides. According to Samsung, the truck is no longer operational but this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing a similar product on the road in the future.

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